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Worcester Handyman Kitchen Remodel

🕙 - Feb. 15, 2021    👤 All Clean

People usually think Kitchen Remodel: $8-10K. But wait a minute. We are absolutely jumping the gun here. Let's take it back a few frames. Let's start with the big WHY.

Why do you want a kitchen remodel in the first place—or more to the REAL point: what do you WANT from a kitchen remodel—or any remodel for that matter? Most of the time you just want a change. Something different. Ok. Now we're really getting somewhere.

If your kitchen remodel desire is more aesthetic than functional, we get it. Not saying we're not geared up and skilled to the nines no matter how elaborate you want—or need to get, just saying there are options. Options to get the effect you want without going into debt is all.

How about a Worcester Handyman Kitchen Remodel which is cost-effective, and... is so much fun. Simple first step: Update the look. We can Paint, change up the cabinets by simply painting or staining them. Put on new pulls, change out the knobs and Viola! A whole new accent to your kitchen giving you... wait for it... the "change you've been looking to"! These are all perfect jobs for a handyman.

Now, that was a relatively inexpensive way to get some needed change. Another way to get the same "change factor" you're looking for could be windows and trims. Something as simple as a new, bold accent color and some new towels to match. Or maybe change the floor out. Yes, flooring can be expensive, but there are still Worcester Handyman Kitchen Remodel options to get the "change" you're after without spending too much dough.

On the other hand, if you've got some funds to spread that change around a little more liberally, we do tiling, laminate, hardwood... etc. flooring. We install drywall if needed and so much more. Our complete rounded set of skills our Worcester Handyman Kitchen Remodel expert brings to the table are truly impressive. This post merely touches on the options available to you. People often ask, what jobs can a handyman do...? The list is almost endless!

And repairs? Just say the word! Small and big repairs are typical work for us and we always welcome more! That's one of the benefits of a handyman who know what he's doing: so very many things can be handled through one source making the job go faster, the work more controlled, and the price more affordable. And did we mention Siding and roofing? Exterior Siding May-Sept., roofing single story homes only April-Sept.

So gear up for a little welcome change through kitchen remodels—or any room re-invented to your specifications. Call for a free estimate: (508) 770-9933 and prompt service.

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