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Surprise Hoarding Cleaning In Worcester

The Hoarding Emergency Call

🕙 - January 12, 2024    👤 All Clean

Life is great. But there is an end game. Young folks don’t think about it, but as one ages it’s certainly in the back of the mind.

We all know this great ride is going to end some day, and it’s not the topic anyone really likes to talk about—and rightly so. But yes… the clock is ticking, and when time runs out on a family member it can be devastating for those who remain. Especially if there are things unknown about that person until the end. One such thing we occasionally get calls for is hoarding: a mysterious unknown.

A relative has passed on and their family didn't realize they had a hoarding situation going on. Yeah. It’s a problem we see every once in a while. Especially when there is a shock over the hoarding situation that may have been “hidden” for a number of years. Only at the end of a life can something so insidious make itself known. Often plunging the family into further shock. We can help.

At some point after the grieving, you’ve got to get the the place cleaned up. That’s where we come in.

We’ve “been there/done that” many times and we know it’s not a simple “throw out the junk” task. Far from it in fact.

We’ve learned that what appears to be trash might in fact be a keepsake for someone in the family. That’s why we take great care in such a cleanup to verify each and every item before it gets tossed out.

We supply the labor, the dumpster and conscientious helpers to remove the carefully separated “this is a keeper versus this is trash” contents. Then of course once the dumpster is filled, the rest of house has to be cleaned, and we do that as well with our usual methods of cleaning and disinfecting to leave what might have been a disaster zone into a space that is as clean as it can possibly be.

So if you are in a bind with a just discovered hoarding dilemma, we are the hoarding cleanup experts to call. And when you call us you’ll be talking to the “right person” the first time you call.

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