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A Call To Action For Shrewsbury Cleaning and Disinfecting

🕙 - Sept 19, 2020    👤 All Clean

Where did our cool name come from?

People naturally assume we got our name from things being, well, all clean. That's a common assumption. However, the real source of the name goes back to an old seafaring term which we've changed a little and turned into our own little motivational/teamwork kind of a thing. We seize on a task like Shrewsbury Cleaning and Disinfecting and we go at it as a driven team.

What used up be "all clear" has been co-opted and customized into our now famous name: ALL CLEAN.

When a team has completed their work at a given address, the team leader issues the "ALL CLEAN" call; and the team answers in kind with an "ALL CLEAN" reply. It's becomes a favorite morale building part of our routine and has taken on a life of its own since then. And let me say this: folks love it! When we tromp out the Shrewsbury Cleaning and Disinfecting ALL CLEAN call-and-response, it's like an army of clean has left the building!

And now with COVID-19 throwing us all for a loop, our name—our mantra—takes on an even more critically important role. Something as routine as giving a once-over cleaning of a newly purchased home and readying it for move in, now becomes an "all hands on deck" every nook-and-cranny, top-to-bottom cleaning/disinfecting project. Because really... who wants to move into a new home and have it make you sick? Not me... not you! Exactly. Shrewsbury Cleaning and Disinfecting experts to the rescue to make 100% certain that your new abode is safe, germ-free, and virus-free.

What has in the past been just a person and a mop has turned into skilled environmental mishap mitigators. Gone are the days when sparkly was the last thing you saw as we left. Now, it's sparkly SAFE. And what Shrewsbury resident wouldn't appreciate a little bit of that COVID cleaning peace of mind?

What was once a few spritzes with some lemon pledge has become an integral part of a total environmental safety approach to simple day-to-day living. And being in the business we're in, we sort of like it! You might well guess we're clean freaks anyway, and now we can really get down to business and satisfy that inner, clean-freak urge to maximum effect and no one looks at us funny!

Having a regular cleaning crew for your home was once a luxury. Now it's a health concern benefit. When the call goes out... when the web search gets entered, it's the Shrewsbury Cleaning and Disinfecting people that call us all the time! That's because we focus on the important things that folks are all about. Read our Google Reviews here to see what we mean.

We are all collectively experiencing an over abundance of stress for several reasons—one of which is the pandemic. And while there's not much you can do about it, you can follow the CDC guidelines. And for the utmost in home cleaning and disinfecting, office cleaning and disinfecting and commercial cleaning and disinfecting, we are the ones to beat. All Clean is our name and ALL CLEAN is when we make our team exit. So for Shrewsbury Cleaning and Disinfecting done to perfection by people who wouldn't have it any other way, give us a call: (508) 770-9933.

So what came first? Our reputation as a conscientious and thorough cleaning company, or the cool, motivational name that says it all? Call us for your next cleaning emergency to find out for yourself!

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