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Worcester Office Space Cleaning

New Office Space Cleaning

🕙 - Aug 23, 2015    👤 All Clean

So, you’ve decided to move your company to new offices? Congratulations! Arranging to move to a new office is an exciting time, but it can also involve a lot of preparation and logistics.

Once you’ve packed up everything, gotten rid of excess furniture, figured out how you’re moving all your heavy equipment and arranged for movers, it’s important that you make sure that your new office is actually ready for you to move-in before the boxes and equipment start to arrive. Time to call a Worcester office space cleaning professional to do the heavy lifting/dirty work.

As anyone who has moved to a new home can attest to, it’s much easier to do a thorough deep clean before all the furniture is in place rather than after. The same concept applies to a new office. Whether it’s a traditional commercial office or an industrial space, having your new office ready for move-in means way more than just tidying up and dusting. Professional Worcester office space cleaning may be just the thing you need at this stage of the move. Even if the new office space cleaning appears clean to the naked eye, it’s likely it needs a closer, more thorough cleaning. It’s best not to count on the property manager to do the new office space cleaning or even that the previous tenant will leave your new space in move-in ready condition.

Here are some tips to ensuring that your office space is ready for your next big step:

 Work with a reputable commercial cleaner in your area.
While smaller cleaning services may be great for your home or other small spaces, a reputable commercial cleaner will have access to more advanced equipment, a broader range of knowledge, and the experience to do the new office space cleaning. A team of Worcester office space cleaning pros are the best way to get the new office sparkling and gleaming for the most impressive re-entry for your employees. You wouldn’t hire an amateur without experience to work for your business—why not keep the same standards when considering a cleaner? Always ask for testimonials from former clients, as well as about greener, more environmentally friendly cleaning options.

 Emphasize your floors.
When you’re busy thinking about fixtures, paint colors, window treatments, and desk arrangements, it’s easy to overlook an office floor, even though it should be kept a priority since people spend a lot of time walking on it. A professional new office space commercial cleaner will be able to work wonders on your flooring with commercial-grade carpet cleaners, tile and grout cleaning and sealing, and hardwood floor cleaning and waxing. Many commercial cleaners will even offer pressure washing for concrete flooring in industrial spaces, removing unsightly stains and grime.

 Ask for deodorization and sanitation.
A professional commercial cleaner will leave your new office space cleaning in fantastic shape so you can reap all the benefits of a clean and inviting office space, but don’t forget about services that may help with maintenance. Professional deodorization and sanitation services can help keep your space feeling and smelling like it has just been cleaned.

 Set up a follow-up appointment for after your move-in.
Moving is messy. Do yourself a favor and make sure to schedule a follow-up with your commercial cleaner to return once you’re moved in to get that new office space cleaning feeling back. The cleaners will be able to quickly restore your office to customer-ready, clean perfection.  If you enjoy their new office space cleaning services and having a clean, professionally presentable space, ask about, daily, weekly or monthly cleanings to maintain your new office.

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