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Holden COVID Cleaning And The Dirt We See Vs. The Dirt You See

🕙 - March 12, 2021    👤 All Clean

What you see… What we see.

You see a bathroom, we see a bacteria trap that must be deactivated.

You see a floor, we see a last resting place for crumbs, dust, fuzzballs, etc.

You see a sofa, we see a surface that’s been sat on by so many for so long, that it needs to be cleaned and aired out BIG TIME.

And that’s just for starters! The fact is we look at every space as an opportunity to achieve cleanliness and germless-ness. We know that while dirt hides *everywhere*, Holden, Mass is maybe a teentsy bit cleaner? Little tiny bit, maybe?? Well it certainly is after the Holden COVID Cleaning experts —that would be us—pay that little city a visit!

You see a plain old countertop while we see a surface that’s been subjected to a microbial assault… from soup to nuts… poultry to pastry … fish to foul… and that’s just the food items! Forget about what everyone plops down on the counter! What logic has it that the counter is ground zero for dirt and germs and everything that goes with it? Like, whose idea was that? Don't people know that dirt hides everywhere, and that each place is the same—but it's not the same? Not the same in terms of how we eradicate foe #1: Dirt. Our office cleaning routines have been perfected over years of accurate dirt re-direction. Our skills at transforming clutter into an orderly space are impecable. BUT... no matter how good we are—and we are darn good—the dirt somehow returns in a matter of time.

See the dilemma we face? As soon as we clean and disinfect a surface, it gets used, and soon enough, dirt and germs are back. Thankfully, we too come back as soon—or sooner than those things do.

Enlist the pros and let us see the dirt, and then remove the germs and everything else that clings to it. Call now so we can bring to Holden the cleaning regimen that simply knows no equal, and that would of course be our Holden COVID Cleaning routine that is the best in the business. Best in the Holden COVID Cleaning business, that is.

So get ready Holden Mass., for a little whirlwind of cleaning excellence to come your way. Call for a free estimate: (508) 770-9933 and prompt service.

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