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Cleaning Worcester, Mass. During Tough and Tougher Times

🕙 - April 12, 2021    👤 All Clean

COVID has done a number on all of us in one way or another. Especially hit hard were those folks who just happened to be down on there luck, and then have COVID came along and made things in our lives even tougher in ways that could never have been imagined.

One of the many things COVID has laid bare is the awful conditions some folks find themselves in. And in our business of cleaning, we are at the front lines of some of that wreckage.

For example, take folks with depression. The pandemic just multiplied the challenges of their situations ten fold. Lockdown creates food delivery trash nightmares that are multiplied by the wariness to even empty trash for fear of getting infected. And the cycle of dirt begins...

Then there are those who just happened to get "regular sick" or a broken arm or whatever, and then being exposed to the "terrible virus" just from having gone into the hospital for medical attention. And don't forget about the hospital workers. Those folks have it really, REALLY tough.

Or the very many folks who have lost a loved one during these times. As "second responders", we see it from the impersonal side of things as we come to clean up a residential mess resulting from some unfortunate family occurrence. And while they're not our family, these are regular, local people and we feel for them. And once again, whatever event that may have been, it certainly was compounded by the pandemic.

And for many who were "ok" going into the pandemic, job loss and just being cooped up increases the likelihood of substance abuse, which starts a fresh downward spiral if it’s own.

And we’re there to clean up that mess too—to help you get back to living a healthier cleaner life.

All that said, the show must go on. We go on living, loving, creating messes and so on. And we’re here as your cleaning and disinfecting squad to help make things a teeny bit better by taking the load off when it comes time to deal with the messy parts of life. You know, the dirt, germs, trash—whatever.

Give us a call if you need our services. We truly understand. We can help you and your family deal with the dirt from all angles. We're happy to give you a free estimate: (508) 770-9933 along with our kind and compassionate, non-judgmental, prompt service.


Here's a good example of some dramatic house cleaning we do for folks:
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