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Helpful Cleaning Tip: Try This Powerful Everyday Solvent

🕙 - May 21, 2019    👤 All Clean

Folks, as you know, we are in the cleaning business. And while conventional wisdom says that you have to call us to get the job done, we are always on the lookout to help people do some of their own tidy-ing up.

You know, pass some of the "trade secrets" along to the regular folks who would really appreciate a great little, what we like to call, one of our Worcester Cleaning Tips cleaning tip like this one we came across recently.

But first, I am a person who has maintained for the longest time that soap is soap is soap. That is to say, you can add fragrance, oils, citrus, pumice, palm oil, whatever the heck you want, but the bottom line is it all boils down to applying the cleaner, with... you guessed it: elbow grease! Yeah... work. You can go out and get the most expensive cleaner in the world and apply it all day long. The dirt is not going to run off scared! Only until you apply that magic ingredient, work, will it begin to disappear. Yes, the down side to the Worcester Cleaning Tips!

So go ahead and buy the most exotic cleaner you want, OR... read this great article on one of the most effective cleaning agents known to man for cleaning just about everything.

But... before we send you off to the article that sparked this post, here is that treasured, "insider industry secret" Worcester Cleaning Tip of the week:

Oh, and remember: if you want us to come in do the actual "work" give us a call: (508) 770-9933.

Toss those chemical all-purpose sprays and save money by making your own. Get an empty spray bottle ($8 for 3; and fill it with a ratio of two parts vinegar to one part water. Shake and use like you would any multi-purpose spray.

We take it a step further and find that the Epsom salts and dish soap along with vinegar really helps and we use this formula: (the soap acts as a binding agent so it sticks to the weeds, BUT... you have to mix it really well + upon completion, clean the bottle with lots of water otherwise the solution will totally clog your sprayer!)

Get Rid of Weeds Formula: 1/2 gal Vinegar in Sprayer, Slowly mix in 2 scoops Epson Salt, add 1/8 Cup of dish Soap. Happy cleaning and weeding!

And the now... the link to the cool article we saw and found to be a valuable cleaning-related "pass along":

You Can Use Cleaning Vinegar to Clean Everything—Except These 5 Things
— Courtesy of Real Simple who are all about "Showcasing good-to-know information with inspiring ideas, this is the go-to site for those who are looking to make life easier."

Thanks 'Real Simple'!

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