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COVID Back to Work

Massachusetts is Getting Ready for COVID Back to Work

🕙 - May 15, 2020    👤 All Clean

Here in Massachusetts we are starting to talk about phasing the workforce back into their jobs. Guidelines are being put in place so that everyone is ready for a safe return to their offices, warehouses, retail, food service, etc. It's important that people are aware and fully prepared as they head back to work, that they know what to do—and equally as important, what NOT to do in a COVID back to work scenario.

People in Massachusetts are indeed anxious to get back to work and begin to set a course for normal, and one very important aspect of maintaining normalcy is a direct virus safety awareness. With an emphasis on returning to work with a virus-centric mindset, a clean environment has never, ever been more important. Our team is acutely aware and highly trained to follow the correct and recommended methods for proper and safe cleaning and disinfecting.

We want to help everyone transition back into the workplace and be safe and healthy. We wish to help employers provide the ideal work environment resulting from the conscientious cleaning efforts we perform on their behalf.

We need folks to know that our company is caring, knowledgeable, able and ready to clean your place of business one time, or schedule our team for an ongoing, comprehensive clean and disinfect of your workplace environment.

The Spray Bottle – A Thing of the Past
Part of practicing virus awareness means we're acutely aware of our normal procedures and how we must tailor them to the situation. For example, you won't see us using that "old staple", the spray bottle. Spray of any kind is clearly a virus-awareness "no-no" and certainly not a COVID back to work best practice.

Whats's our secret?
What's our "goto" way of both cleaning AND disinfecting such that we provide complete peace of mind? Here's what we do: we mix our special, disinfectant cleaning chemicals in a bucket and use microfiber cloth to wipe everything down. Sounds simple–and it is, but the trick is doing it with a caring process so as to hit every spot... every high-touch area.

See pictures below from a laundry facility at which we performed the full once-over for total safety and disinfected cleanliness.

To help stop the spread of Covid-19 when cleaning at your location we'll be using our longtime favorite hospital grade disinfectant Re-Juv-Nal® or a commercial grade bleach with a Mr. Clean scenting of meadows and rain.

Call now for a "Grand USA Re-Opening" preparedness cleaning once-over for your place of business. Call ALL CLEAN: (508) 770-9933.

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