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Worcester County Cleaning Before & After Examples

One Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

🕙 - August 16, 2022    👤 All Clean

Everyone loves a good Before & After picture.

When it comes to cleaning there is nothing so effective at demonstrating effective results than before and after imagery.

Lots of times the places we visit we go to all the time, so things are consistently clean and never, ever get anywhere near a “cleaning emergency”, so it’s tough for us to get dramatic photos of how well we do our job. But then once in a while we get a call from a new customer who for whatever reason—has a cleaning emergency on their hands and may need some deep cleaning magic done at their location. So we take advantage of that to show off our cleaning expertise.

But know this first: we do not judge when we come across a super mess, or worse yet—a hoarding situation, we get it. We know life can throw you some curves and before you know it, a super mess happens. Nothing you can do about it. Well, nothing except to call us to make it right again.

And how right can we make it? Well, that’s where the before/after shots come in.

Have a look at that oven. A few too many frozen pizzas. Then as the word is out: “hey… who’s going to clean the oven…?” and it falls on deaf ears until after awhile, that oven becomes an oasis… a no man’s land… a place that clean forgot… UNTIL, it hits the wall and we get the call.
click to enlarge

Toilets are another area that can fall onto the third rail... the forgotten zone of cleaning ownership, quite easily too. The worse it gets, the less likely it will find a champion. Someone to take ownership and swab the deck. Anyone? Nope? OK, make the call. And we get another great before/after shot for the scrapbook.
click to enlarge

Showers are a little more personal so we often find them not as drastic as other areas, but we got lucky this time and picked up another great before/after.
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Then to the rather mundane: baseboards. No one ever claims those. They are the true orphans of the cleaning universe. Only pros like us are even aware of the importance of clean baseboards. In the big picture of things, baseboards are a sign there are cleaning experts in charge.

When you take the time to review these before/after shots you’ll see right away that a deep down dirty mess is the exact type of cleaning job we do best. What often gets put off until it becomes a monumental task can be conquered. Have no fear.

Let us remind you that we also specialize in garage and basement cleaning. The types of cleanup that folks are really good at putting off. And we get it. You walk through the garage every day and each item that gets added to the pile goes unnoticed until... until it's too late and it becomes one of those "I'm not cleaning that up..." things. Same with basements. We've seen it. As soon as we clean one up it cycles again. The "out of sight–out of mind" pile begins anew.

Why sweat it at all? Call us now to make it all clean and right again: (508) 770-9933.

Here are the best ways to reach us by text, laptop/computer, or phone:

You may send us a text from this link telling us what you need done, or on your desktop, laptop or tablet . And if it’s urgent, call us here: (508) 770-9933, during business hours.

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