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Prevent Slips and Falls at Healthcare Facilities

🕙 - July 26, 2015    👤 All Clean

Slips and falls are extremely hazardous at healthcare facilities. These accidents are often avoidable, but with poorly maintained floors they’re almost guaranteed.

Keeping your patients, their visitors and all of the staff on their feet is a top priority for the Worcester medical office cleanup pros: All Clean. If you are a facilities manager in a healthcare environment you can rest easy with All Clean on the job. Did you know that using the proper commercial degreaser can help prevent slips and falls at healthcare facilities? We do. That's why we're the pros.

When a slip and fall type of accident occurs at a healthcare facility, the ramifications can be immense. If a healthcare worker has a slip and fall accident, then their ability to care for their patients and perform their daily duties is significantly decreased. These accidents are also responsible for loss of work time, lower productivity, worker’s compensation, and even lawsuits in some cases. The situation can become worse if a patient at your healthcare facility slips and falls. No Way!  That simply cannot be allowed to happen! To guard against such an unwanted occurrence call the Worcester medical office cleanup company that locals love: All Clean: 508.770.9933. These accidents can sometimes result in permanent disability and even death in certain circumstances. According to the CDC, in 2005 more than 15,000 people over the age of 65 died as a result of a fall.

Over the past few years since the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services adopted a new policy towards slip and fall injuries, patient falls are more of a concern. Currently, Medicare considers patient falls to be a result of a preventable event but lots of healthcare facilities in the US still do not consider the environmental factors, and only concentrate on the patient’s physiological state. Unfortunately, this attitude ignores the one component that all slip and fall accident victims come into contact with – the floor. Most folks think... the floor. How can THAT cause a problem? Ask the Worcester medical office cleanup pros and we can cite the special way we maintain floors to minimize the worst case scenarios of a slip and fall.

This is alarming for the fact that The National Floor Safety Institute states that 55% of all slip and fall incidents are caused in some way by the floor instead of improper footwear, or the lack of safety signs. Also, research performed by the Liberty Mutual Research Institute found that floor contaminants are the leading cause of slip, trip and fall accidents in healthcare facilities. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2009, lost workday injuries from slip-and-fall incidents totaled 38.2 incidents per every 10,000 healthcare employees. What this means is that if you work in a healthcare facility, you are almost at a 90 percent higher risk of suffering from a slip and fall accident compared to workers in other industries. These accidents are also the second most common cause for loss of work days for healthcare employees.

Some Commercial Degreaser Products Can Prevent Slips and Falls at Healthcare Facilities
As stated above, a lot of these types of slips and falls can be avoided, especially when the unsafe conditions are caused by improper floor maintenance. Your cleaning personnel should be well trained and familiar with all of the commercial degreaser products and equipment that are currently being used in your facility. If you are using an industrial degreaser of your choice, make sure to use one certified as being “high traction”. With All Clean, you will not have to worry about the wrong chemicals being used on your floors. Call us today to save time, money, and to learn more help about how to prevent slips and falls at healthcare facilities. Consult the Worcester medical office cleanup experts and rest easy.

Full credit for this article goes to Cox Industries

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