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Managing Medical Waste

🕙 - Feb 6, 2018    👤 All Clean


Biohazards, toxins and such material must be contained, transported and disposed of properly. All Clean has the capability and experience to safely contain and remove biohazardous medical waste.


Decomposition odor will frequently be present at any crime, trauma or death scene but is not limited to such extreme events. Decomp odors can more commonly be the result of food and beverage spills. All Clean can help you with vehicle odor, pet odor and smoke odor problems and troubles with mold and mildew. Managing medical waste is one of specialties. We have years of specialization in…


Working with biohazardous scenes and situations is dangerous, both for the public and first responders. All Clean specializes in residential and commercial biohazard removal services, including medical waste transportation and disposal of any biohazardous materials we collect during a clean-up. Biohazard is a very serious health and safety matter, we have the most up-to-date knowledge of the industry’s best practices and regulations. Again, managing medical waste is something we do routinely and we do very properly and efficiently.


What many people do not realize is how dangerous it can be to clean hoarder homes, from a health risk perspective. Hoarding clean-ups often involve large mounds of material, which may promote the growth of mold or bacteria. This process can often be quite difficult, and we are here to help you or your loved ones through this stressful time. While not as clearly "medical" in nature, the tactics used for managing medical waste are the same guidelines we follow for hoarding cleanup. We clean and sanitize the property, catalog and pack the salvageable contents and restore the cleanliness of the structure to its previous healthy condition. We encourage work with health departments, code enforcement, law enforcement, estate attorneys, social workers, and realtors to quickly and economically restore the property. It is strongly encouraged that help is offered to someone who has issues with hoarding as it can be a side effect of an underlying serious mental illness.

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