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Cleaning Your Grill

🕙 - Feb 27, 2016    👤 All Clean

Keeping your barbecue grill clean and in good shape will extend its life, and it will help the food taste better, too.

All Clean feels spring is just around the corner, the weather is warming up a little more every day! It’s time to get ready for cooking on the grill. Barbecue season and tasty fun with friends and family is almost here. Here are some tips from the #1 Worcester Grill Cleaners for cleaning your grill so it’s ready to go, and how to keep it clean all season long.

Some folks think you can continue to cook on your grill without ever cleaning it because the high heat kills off bacteria and burns off baked on food, that’s not precisely true. For those who aren’t big fans of cleaning projects, All Clean will share some tips for cleaning your grill that will make the task easier. Barbecued food will taste better if you are not cooking on old grease and food waste. Having a clean grill also cuts down on excess smoke. Just a few of the pro tips the Worcester Grill Cleaners of choice have to pass along.

Cleaning Tools

The cleaning process differs slightly depending on the type of grill you have. Its best no matter what, you need to clean the grill before each use. To make the job easier, clean after use. Some prefer to “burn off” the old food particles before cooking; however, allowing old food and grease to remain on your grate will shorten its life.

Tools needed to clean the grill include a stiff wire brush, most of which are made for the job and can be purchased at Home depot with a scraper attached to the end. You’ll also need rags, warm soapy water and newspaper to lay the grill on to dry. It always helps to lightly spray the grate once you’re done cleaning to make the next cleaning even easier. Thorough cleanings only need to be done once or twice a month, unless you use your grill daily, then you should clean the grill more often! Just more pro tips from the top Worcester Grill Cleaners in town.

Charcoal Grills

Most charcoal grills is a little easier to clean than a gas grill mostly because there aren’t as many parts, and there’s no propane to worry about.

Once you have finished cooking, but before all the coals cool, use a stiff wire brush and scraper to remove the baked on food from the grate. Before starting up the next time, scoop out any remaining ash. If possible at least once a month, wash the entire grill with baking soda or another mild abrasive.

Gas Grills

Cleaning a gas grill is almost the same as a charcoal grill, except you have a lot more parts to clean and you must remember to disengage the gas when cleaning the grill. There are many styles of gas grills.

Among the important tips for cleaning your grill, here’s a surprise: The knob on your grill labeled “clean” does not actually clean your grill (keep in mind not all grills have a clean knob). The “clean” knob is intended to allow the user to pre-heat the grill before cleaning, which makes the job easier. The heat loosens or burns off encrusted food and warms residual grease.

Once you have scraped and cleaned your grate with a stiff wire brush, remove layers of lava rock/briquettes and the metal plates. Clean all of the pieces with warm soapy water. Allow them to dry and replace in sequence. Hook up your propane again, remembering to check for cracks in the connector line. The last of the tips for cleaning your grill is to heat it up to burn off any soapy residue.

Stainless Steel

Just about all the same rules apply for stainless steel grills, except for the maintenance of the exterior. The most important tips for cleaning a stainless steel grill are:

  • Never use an abrasive cleaner on it
  • Be aware that excessive high heat discolors stainless steel
  • Acidic sauces and marinades will corrode metals
  • Moisture is your enemy — cover your grill

All Clean knows if you take pride in the cleaning of your grill, it will last for years and provide tastier food for you and your guests this spring, summer and fall!

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