Worcester Dirt Cleaners

All Clean of Worcester, Ma thinks the ideal walk-off program that will minimize tracked-in debris, prevent slips, trips and falls, and still provide a visually appealing entryway. It’s just how the best Worcester dirt cleaners do it.

“It’s called a walk-off program because it isn’t just about matting,” says Jeanne. “We start at our entrances so we get the most effective results.”

All Clean of Worcester, Ma feels it begins outside the building with a large scrapper mat that is designed to “scrape” off heavy soils from shoes and prevent it from coming inside. Working towards—and earning a reputation as the top-rated Worcester dirt cleaners means we work hard to maintain and strengthen that reputation each and every day.

There is so much debris in the parking lot that you never want to see inside the entranceway of the facility, so step one is use a scrapper mat, they are designed to grab and trap that debris.

Step two of this walk-off program happens immediately inside the entrance where we recommend using a “scraper absorber” that is less abrasive than what’s used outside, but both scrapes and holds debris from footwear.  It has to have some heavy yarns in there to scrape, but also absorb moisture, when you have a mat or walk-off, you have backing, but the face weight should be able to absorb eight to 10 times its weight. Here is one test you can use to see if you have the proper inside matting. It consists of sprinkling ice melt on the mat and using a commercial grade backpack vacuum in an attempt to remove it.  If the debris is not easily lifted, do not implement that mat. So now you have the details of keeping your space cleaner thanks to the Worcester dirt cleaners who know their stuff.

Finally, part three in this walk-off program involves a little math. According to industry studies, if the average person walks on six feet of matting or walk-off tile, roughly 40 percent of the debris from their shoes will be removed. If matting stretches 20 feet, 80 percent of debris will be removed.

Reportedly, 98 percent of debris and soil will be removed after 39 feet of walk-off. With that in mind, All Clean of Worcester, Ma suggests walk-off matting and tiles stretch 30 to 50 feet into the facility. The walk-off matting and tiles are also strategically placed to provide optimal performance.

Most building entries walk-off area spans the width of the door because it seems to wear evenly that way, so if you have a large vestibule with decorative areas on the sides where no one walks, the mats will wear differently and look new over there. We advise you to put something else there and keep the walk-off in the main track of foot traffic.

Call All Clean—the Worcester dirt cleaners who know their stuff—if you need help keeping your building’s health in excellent condition.