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Cleaning companies are always thinking of ways to improve their cleaning routines in order to be more productive, improve their cleaning performance and lowering their costs. After being in the industry for some time you learn a lot from observing your cleaning crews. Just another little “secret” we pass along as the premier Worcester house cleaners in town. The following are ways on how to improve your cleaning.

Use proper cleaning supplies:

Make sure before you start the new client that you have all the cleaning supplies needed. Having the proper cleaning supplies will save you time and will help you leave the office at the standard of the client.

Microfiber: One of the most important cleaning supplies needed are microfiber rags and wet mop pads. Microfiber rags are great for dusting. Remember to start dusting from the top to the bottom. Microfiber mop pads are great because they require less water. That means the cleaning crew saves time changing water and less chemicals are used to clean floors. Do it like the Worcester house cleaners pros do it!

Backpack Vacuums: Backpack vacuums are also extremely important. Make sure you have the right vacuum for the job. Backpack vacuums are a great investment. One of the things that I love most about backpack vacuums is that there is never a need to vacuum the carpet edges. They allow you to get right up to the wall edge.

Color code rags:

Having your rags color coded helps promote good cleaning practices. A client wants to make sure they are not using the same rag they cleaned the toilets to clean an office desk. All cleaning companies have their own color code.

Cleaning Schedule:

Creating a good cleaning schedule will help keep the client happy.

First day deep cleaning: You are probably starting a new client because they were unhappy with their previous cleaning company. That means the building could be in a bad condition. Make sure that your cleaning crew starts with a deep cleaning on their first day. This will help them bring the building back to the client’s standard and easier for them to clean the other cleaning days. This is how we’ve built our business to be the leading Worcester house cleaners in the area.

Detail-oriented: You cleaning crew should be detail-oriented. They need to make sure they take care of items that are usually missed. The longer it is missed the harder it is to clean it.


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