Worcester Hoarding Cleaners

We received a call from a friend, who has a friend who needs some help. What you see in the image above is what we found. Not a pretty sight at all.  My company All Clean  will team up with a Company “Brand-Nu Janitorial Service” owned by my good friend Marguerite Cormier to whip this hoarding place into shape! Just another of our routine projects that makes us the Worcester hoarding cleaners to call when others won’t get near it!

We worked for four days to get this really incredible place back to a home.  It is located just outside Concord Ma.  It’s set back off the street with only an orange cone marking its entrance. We had to clip our way in. It;s just what we do to maintain our hard-earned reputation as the Worcester hoarding cleaners who go the extra mile. What we found once we got all the “stuff” cleaned up is a beautiful 12 acre lot with a really nice home-or at least it was at one time.  We will fill about 4-6 good size dumpsters and spend 100-200 labor hours getting this all cleaned up. We take pride in being the crew who can take a disatser and turn it back into a live-able home. There is no hoarding situation that the Worcester hoarding cleaners of note can’t triumph over! Give us a call with your hoarding problem: (508) 770-9933

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